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uk /kɔːt/ /kɔːrt/

court noun (LAW)

B2 [ C usually singular, U ] a place where trials and other legal cases happen, or the people present in such a place, especially the officials and those deciding if someone is guilty

Protestors gathered outside the court to await the verdict. 抗议者聚集在法庭外等待判决。
He's due to appear in court again on Monday. 他定于周一再次出庭。
Please describe to the court exactly what you saw. 请向法官陈述你看到的真实情况。
the European Court of Human Rights 欧洲人权法院
The lack of evidence means that the case is unlikely to go to court. 缺乏证据意味着本案不大可能提交法庭。
take sb to court

to take legal action against someone

She's threatening to take me to court for not paying the bill on time. 她威胁说要起诉我未按时付账。
settle (a case) out of court

to solve a legal disagreement without taking legal action

The newspaper has agreed to settle out of court. 这家报纸已同意庭外和解。

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court noun (SPORT)

B1 [ C ] an area drawn out on the ground that is used for playing sports such as tennis and basketball

a tennis/volleyball/basketball/squash court 网球/排球/篮球/壁球场
They were penalized for having too many players on the court. 他们因上场球员太多而受罚。

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court noun (OPEN AREA)

[ C ] mainly UK an area or a short road that is not covered by a roof and is mostly or completely surrounded by buildings

You really should go and see the medieval court in the castle. 你真应该去看看城堡里那处漂亮的中世纪庭院。
Court mainly UK

used in the names of some roads, and buildings containing apartments


court noun (ROYALTY)

[ C or U ] the official home of a queen or king

the courts of Renaissance Europe 文艺复兴时期的欧洲各王室
He quickly lost his popularity at court. 他在宫廷中迅速失宠。

[ S, + sing/pl verb ] the important people who live in the official home of a queen or king or who work for or advise them



uk /kɔːt/ /kɔːrt/

court verb (PLEASE)

[ T ] to try to please someone because you want them to join you

Adams is being courted by a number of football clubs. 有好几家足球俱乐部在向亚当斯献殷勤。

court verb (TRY TO GET)

[ T ] to try to get something, especially attention or support from other people

She courts publicity by inviting journalists to extravagant parties. 她邀请新闻记者参加奢华聚会来谋求曝光度。

court verb (RISK)

[ T ] to risk something unpleasant, especially by behaving stupidly or carelessly

Drinking and driving is simply courting disaster. 酒后驾车纯粹是在招惹祸端。


[ I or T ] old-fashioned to have a romantic relationship with someone that you hope to marry

They courted for two years before getting married. 他们恋爱两年后结了婚。

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