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uk /kræmp/ us /kræmp/

[ C or U ] a sudden painful tightening in a muscle, often after a lot of exercise, that limits movement

Several runners needed treatment for cramp (US cramps) and exhaustion. 有几个跑步者因为抽筋和体力衰竭需要治疗。
I've got cramp in my foot. 我的脚抽筋了。
stomach cramps 胃痉挛
cramps [ plural ]

pains in the lower stomach caused by a woman's period


crampverb [ T ]

uk /kræmp/ us /kræmp/

to limit someone, especially to prevent them from enjoying a full life

Worry and lack of money cramp the lives of the unemployed. 焦虑和缺钱束缚着失业者的生活。

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