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uk /kræp/ us /kræp/

crap noun (SOLID WASTE)

[ S or U ] UK offensive solid waste, or an occasion when an animal or person produces solid waste

I stepped in a pile of crap. 我踩上了一摊屎。
to have (US take) a crap

crap noun (BAD QUALITY)

[ U ] UK something that is not worth anything, not useful, nonsense, or of bad quality

I can't believe she's trying to pass off this crap as art! 我简直不敢相信她想拿这个破玩意儿冒充艺术品!
I've only read one novel by him and it was a load of crap. 我只读过他的一部小说,简直是一堆垃圾。

crap noun (GAME)

craps [ U ] also crap US

a game played with dice for money



uk /kræp/ us /kræp/ crapper, crappest UK offensive

US crappy of very bad quality

A bad film? It was crap! 糟糕的电影?简直太蹩脚了!
He watches a lot of crap TV. 他看许多垃圾电视节目。

not skilled or not organized

He's totally crap at football. 他足球踢得太臭。
I meant to invite him, but I've been a bit crap about asking people. 我本想打电话邀请他,可是请人我向来不在行。

crapverb [ I ]

uk /kræp/ us /kræp/ -pp- UK offensive

to produce solid waste

The dog crapped right in the middle of the street. 那条狗就在街中央拉了屎。

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