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uk /kræʃ/ us /kræʃ/

crash verb (HAVE AN ACCIDENT)

B1 [ I or T ] If a vehicle crashes or someone crashes it, it is involved in an accident, usually a serious one in which the vehicle is damaged and someone is hurt.

We skidded on the ice and crashed. 我们在冰上打滑撞了(另一辆)车。
The plane crashed into a mountainside. 飞机撞到了山坡上。
Her brother borrowed her motorbike and crashed it. 她弟弟借用她的摩托车,结果给撞坏了。

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crash verb (MAKE A NOISE)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to hit something, often making a loud noise or causing damage

We could hear waves crashing on/against the shore. 我们能听到海浪哗哗地拍打着海岸。
Suddenly, cymbals crashed and the orchestra began playing. 突然,铙钹声砰然响起,乐队开始了演奏。
A dog came crashing through the bushes. 狗嗖的一声蹿过灌木丛。
Without warning, the tree crashed through the roof. 在毫无前兆的情况下,那棵树轰隆一下子压塌了屋顶。

crash verb (FAIL)

C1 [ I ] If something such as a business crashes, it suddenly fails or becomes unsuccessful.

Investors were seriously worried when the stock market began to crash. 股市开始狂跌,投资者们人心惶惶。

B2 [ I ] If a computer or system crashes, it suddenly stops operating.

My laptop's crashed again. 我的笔记本电脑又死机了。

crash verb (SLEEP)

[ I ] informal to sleep at someone else's house for the night, especially when you have not planned it

They crashed on my floor after the party. 聚会后他们在我家打了地铺。


[ T ] informal to go to a party or other event without an invitation

We tried to crash the party, but the bouncers wouldn't let us in. 我们想闯进去参加聚会,可是保安拦住了我们。
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Phrasal verb(s)

crashnoun [ C ]

uk /kræʃ/ us /kræʃ/

crash noun [ C ] (ACCIDENT)

B1 an accident involving a vehicle, usually a serious one in which the vehicle is damaged or someone is hurt

a car crash 撞车事故
She had a crash on the way to work. 她在上班路上撞车了。
They were only slightly injured in the crash. 他们在撞车事故中只受了点轻伤。

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crash noun [ C ] (NOISE)

B2 a sudden loud noise made when something breaks or falls

I heard a loud crash in the kitchen. 我听见厨房里哗啦一声巨响。
The vase landed on the floor with a crash. 花瓶砰的一声掉在了地板上。

crash noun [ C ] (FAILURE)

C1 a sudden large fall in the value of a country's businesses

They lost a lot of money in the Stock Market crash. 股市暴跌让他们损失了很多钱。

a situation when a computer or system suddenly stops operating

a computer crash 计算机瘫痪

crashadjective [ before noun ]

uk /kræʃ/ us /kræʃ/ UK informal

quick and involving a lot of effort

The company undertook a crash programme of machine replacement. 公司采取了更换机器的应急方案。

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