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uk /kriːm/ us /kriːm/

A2 [ U ] the thick, yellowish-white liquid that forms on the top of milk

strawberries and cream 加奶油的草莓
Do you like cream in your coffee? 你的咖啡要加奶油吗?
UK a cream cake (= cake with cream in it) 奶油蛋糕

A2 [ U ] the colour of cream


B1 [ C or U ] a soft substance that you rub into your skin

face/hand cream 面霜/护手霜
moisturizing cream 润肤霜
Put some sun cream on to protect your face. 抹点防晒霜保护脸部。

[ C ] a type of sweet that is soft inside

chocolate/peppermint creams 巧克力/薄荷奶油夹心糖

[ U ] a thick liquid used for cleaning things

cream cleaner 乳液清洁剂
cream of mushroom, tomato, etc. soup

soup that has been made into a smooth thick liquid and usually has cream in it


More examples

  • I had this fabulous dessert with alternate layers of chocolate and cream.
  • These cakes are filled with fresh cream.
  • Serve the tarts hot with custard or whipped cream.
  • Would you like peaches and cream for dessert?
  • The pasta was served in a cream sauce spiked with black pepper.


uk /kriːm/ us /kriːm/

A2 having a yellowish-white colour

a cream shirt 淡黄色的衬衫

More examples

  • Do you think the cream dress and the blue jacket go together?
  • Huw wants dark red walls, but I'd rather a more neutral colour like cream.
  • She looked beautiful in a cream satin dress.
  • The woodwork has all been painted a sort of off-white or cream colour.
  • I'd just choose a cream bedcover which would bring out the colour of the cushions and curtains.

creamverb [ T ]

uk /kriːm/ us /kriːm/

to make food into a smooth, thick liquid

Cream the butter and sugar together. 将奶油和糖混合起来搅成糊状。

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