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uk /krɪsp/ us /krɪsp/ mainly approving

crisp adjective (HARD)

hard enough to be broken easily


used to describe cooked foods, such as pastry and biscuits, that are well cooked so that they are just dry and hard enough


Crisp fruit or vegetables are fresh and firm.

a crisp apple 脆生生的苹果

C2 Crisp paper or cloth is stiff and smooth.

a crisp new £5 note/a crisp white tablecloth 平展簇新的5英镑钞票/平展的白色桌布

crisp adjective (CLEAR)

A crisp sound or image is very clear.

The sound from the new speakers is very crisp. 有了有线电视,即便是用我们那台老电视机收看,图像也十分清晰。

A crisp way of speaking, writing, or behaving is quick, confident, and effective.

a crisp reply 干脆利落的回答
a crisp, efficient manner 举止利落干练

crisp adjective (COLD)

C2 Crisp weather is cold, dry, and bright.

a wonderful crisp spring morning 一个晴爽的春日清晨

Crisp air is cold, dry, and fresh.

I breathed in deeply the crisp mountain air. 我深深地吸了口山间清爽的空气。


uk /krɪsp/ us /krɪsp/

crisp noun (POTATO)

A2 [ C usually plural ] UK US chip, potato chip a very thin, often round piece of fried potato, sometimes with a flavour added, sold especially in plastic bags

a packet of salt and vinegar crisps 一袋盐醋薯片

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crisp noun (SWEET FOOD)

[ C ] US UK crumble a sweet dish made from fruit covered in a mixture of flour, butter, and sugar rubbed together into small pieces, baked, and eaten hot

apple crisp

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