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uk /krɒs/ us /krɑːs/

cross verb (GO ACROSS)

A2 [ I or T ] to go across from one side of something to the other

It's not a good place to cross the road. 这里不适宜横穿马路。
Look both ways before you cross over (= cross the road). 过马路前先要左右看看。
Cross the bridge and turn right. 过桥后在第一个红绿灯处右拐。
They crossed from Albania into Greece. 他们穿越阿尔巴尼亚进入了希腊。
cross sb's mind

B2 If something crosses your mind, you think of it.

It crossed my mind yesterday that you must be short of staff. 昨天我突然想起你一定缺人手——要我派人来帮忙吗?
It never once crossed my mind that she might be unhappy. 我从没想过她可能会不高兴。

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cross your arms/fingers/legs

to put one of your arms, fingers, or legs over the top of the other

She sat down and crossed her legs. 她坐下跷起了二郎腿。

cross verb (ANNOY)

[ T ] to annoy someone by not doing or saying what they want

I wouldn't cross him if I were you, not if you value your life. 如果我是你就不会跟他作对,除非不想活了。

cross verb (MIX)

[ T ] If you cross a plant or animal with another of a different type, you cause them to breed together in order to produce a new variety (= type of plant or animal).


cross verb (MAKE SIGN)

UK specialized finance & economics to draw two lines across the middle of a cheque to show that it needs to be paid into a bank account

a crossed cheque 划线支票,转账支票
cross yourself specialized

When Catholics and some other types of Christians cross themselves, they move their hand down and then across their face or chest, making the shape of a cross.


crossnoun [ C ]

uk /krɒs/ us /krɑːs/

cross noun [ C ] (MARK)

A1 UK a written mark (x or +) formed by two lines going across each other. The mark x is usually used to show where something is, or that something has not been written correctly.



cross noun [ C ] (OBJECT)

B1 an object in the shape of a cross that people were killed on, used as a symbol of Christianity

Christ died on the Cross. 耶稣基督死在十字架上。
She wears a gold cross around her neck. 她脖子上戴着一个金十字架。
The priest made the sign of the cross (= moved his or her hand down and then across the chest) over the dead bodies. 牧师对着尸体在胸前画了个十字。

a medal in the shape of a cross

In Britain, the Victoria Cross is awarded for acts of great bravery during wartime. 在英国,维多利亚十字勋章授给那些在战争中表现英勇的人。

cross noun [ C ] (MIXTURE)

a mixture of two different things that have been combined to produce something new

Police dogs are often a cross between a retriever and a German Shepherd. 警犭往往是拾和阿尔萨斯狼狗杂交的后代。
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uk /krɒs/ us /krɑːs/

mainly UK annoyed or angry

My Dad gets cross (with me) if I leave the kitchen in a mess. 要是我把厨房搞得乱七八糟,我爸爸会生(我)气的。


uk /krɒs-/ us /krɑːs-/


cross-border 跨国的

including different groups or subjects

cross-party discussions

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