Translation of "cue" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (SIGNAL) 信号 uk us /kjuː/

a word or action in a play or film, which is used as a signal by a performer to begin saying or doing something


a signal for someone to do something

[ + to infinitive ] They started washing up, so that was our cue to leave the party. 他们开始洗刷碗碟了,这就是暗示我们该离开聚会了。
on cue

If something happens on cue, it happens just after someone has said or thought it would happen

I was just wondering where Sarah was, when, right on cue, she came in. 我正纳闷萨拉去哪了,恰在这时,她就进来了。
take your cue from sb

to take notice of someone's words or behaviour so that you know what you should do

She watched his lips carefully and took her cue from him. 她紧盯着他的嘴唇,照他的吩咐行事。

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