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curbverb [ T ]

uk /kɜːb/ us /kɝːb/

C2 to control or limit something that is not wanted

The government should act to curb tax evasion. 政府应该采取行动抑制逃税。

More examples

  • He is someone who finds it difficult to curb his fleshly desires.
  • You really need to curb your spending.
  • The police are trying to curb under-age drinking.

curbnoun [ C ]

uk /kɜːb/ us /kɝːb/

curb noun [ C ] (CONTROL)

a limit on something that is not wanted

You must try to put a curb on your bad temper/spending habits. 你必须尽量控制你的坏脾气/大手大脚的习惯。

curb noun [ C ] (EDGE)

US spelling of kerb

kerb 的美式拼法

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