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cureverb [ T ]

uk /kjʊər/ us /kjʊr/

cure verb [ T ] (MAKE WELL)

B2 to make someone with an illness healthy again

At one time doctors couldn't cure TB/cure people of TB. 曾经有一段时期,医生无法治愈肺结核/肺结核病人。

C1 to solve a problem

The president and his advisors meet this week to discuss how to cure inflation. 财政部长们本周将举行会晤讨论如何解决通货膨胀问题。

More examples

  • He made wild claims about being able to cure cancer.
  • Drugs have been developed to cure some duodenal ulcers.
  • Some people try hypnotism to cure themselves of addictions.
  • She tried to cure the pain in my knee by putting manual pressure on the joint.
  • The medicine won't cure her - it merely stops the pain.

cure verb [ T ] (PRESERVE)

to treat food, tobacco, etc. with smoke, salt, etc. in order to preserve it

cured meats 腌肉

Phrasal verb(s)

curenoun [ C ]

uk /kjʊər/ us /kjʊr/

B2 something that makes someone who is sick healthy again

There's still no cure for cancer. 还没有能治愈癌症的方法。
The disease has no known cure (= a cure has not yet been found). 这种病还找不到一种有效的治疗方法。

a solution to a problem

The best cure for boredom is hard work! 消除无聊最有效的方法是努力工作!

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