Translation of "dazzling" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /ˈdæz.lɪŋ/

A dazzling light is so bright that you cannot see for a short time after looking at it

a dazzling white light 一道刺眼的白光

extremely attractive or exciting

dazzling good looks 靓丽的容貌
a dazzling smile 灿烂的微笑
a dazzling performance/display 精彩的表演/展示
dazzlingly uk us /ˈdæz.lɪŋ.li/ adverb

a dazzlingly inventive author 脑子里充满奇思妙想的作家

(Translation of “dazzling” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Simplified) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)