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uk /dɪər/ us /dɪr/

dear adjective (LOVED)

B2 loved or liked very much

She was a very dear friend. 她是一位非常亲密的朋友。
He was very dear to me. 他是我非常亲近的人。
This place is very dear to me - we came here on our honeymoon. 这个地方对我来讲非常亲切——我们曾到这里度过蜜月。
What a dear (= very attractive) little kitten! 多么可爱的小猫啊!
My dear Gina - how nice to see you! 我亲爱的吉娜——见到你真是太好了!

A1 used at the beginning of a letter to greet the person you are writing to

Dear Kerry/Mum and Dad/Ms Smith/Sir 亲爱的克里/爸爸妈妈/史密斯女士/尊敬的先生

More examples

  • We will always remember our dear departed friends.
  • In loving memory of my dear husband, who departed this life on 5 May, 1978.
  • My dear daughter arranged this whole holiday for me.
  • Emily is such a dear, kind person - she would never hurt anyone.
  • Look what those dear boys have bought me for my birthday!

dear adjective (EXPENSIVE)

comparative dearer, superlative dearest mainly UK costing too much

The food was good but very dear. 这儿的饭菜不错,就是太贵。



uk /dɪər/ us /dɪr/ also old-fashioned dearie informal

A2 used in expressions of anger, disappointment, sadness, or surprise

Oh dear! I've lost my keys again. 哦,天哪!我又把钥匙弄丢了。
Dear me, it's already 4.30 and I said I'd be home by 5.00! 天哪,已经4点半了,我说过我5点前要到家的!
Dearie me, what a mess! 天哪,真是太乱了!


uk /dɪər/ us /dɪr/

[ C usually singular ] informal a kind person

Annie's such a dear - she's brought me breakfast in bed every morning this week. 安妮可真是个大好人——这周她每天早上都把早饭送到我的床边。

[ as form of address ] used to address someone you love or are being friendly to, not used between men

Here's your receipt, dear. 亲爱的,这是你的收据。
Would you like a drink, dear? 亲爱的,你想喝一杯吗?
Lovely to see you, my dear. 亲爱的,见到你真是太好了。

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