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uk /dɪər/ us /dɪr/

dear adjective (LOVED)

B2 loved or liked very much

She was a very dear friend. 她是一位非常亲密的朋友。
He was very dear to me. 他是我非常亲近的人。
This place is very dear to me - we came here on our honeymoon. 这个地方对我来讲非常亲切——我们曾到这里度过蜜月。
What a dear (= very attractive) little kitten! 多么可爱的小猫啊!
My dear Gina - how nice to see you! 我亲爱的吉娜——见到你真是太好了!

A1 used at the beginning of a letter to greet the person you are writing to

Dear Kerry/Mum and Dad/Ms Smith/Sir 亲爱的克里/爸爸妈妈/史密斯女士/尊敬的先生

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dear adjective (EXPENSIVE)

comparative dearer, superlative dearest mainly UK costing too much

The food was good but very dear. 这儿的饭菜不错,就是太贵。



uk /dɪər/ us /dɪr/ also old-fashioned dearie informal

A2 used in expressions of anger, disappointment, sadness, or surprise

Oh dear! I've lost my keys again. 哦,天哪!我又把钥匙弄丢了。
Dear me, it's already 4.30 and I said I'd be home by 5.00! 天哪,已经4点半了,我说过我5点前要到家的!
Dearie me, what a mess! 天哪,真是太乱了!


uk /dɪər/ us /dɪr/

[ C usually singular ] informal a kind person

Annie's such a dear - she's brought me breakfast in bed every morning this week. 安妮可真是个大好人——这周她每天早上都把早饭送到我的床边。

[ as form of address ] used to address someone you love or are being friendly to, not used between men

Here's your receipt, dear. 亲爱的,这是你的收据。
Would you like a drink, dear? 亲爱的,你想喝一杯吗?
Lovely to see you, my dear. 亲爱的,见到你真是太好了。

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