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us uk /dɪˈklaɪn/

decline verb (GO DOWN)

B2 [ I ] to gradually become less, worse, or lower

His interest in the project declined after his wife died. 妻子死后,他对该项目的兴趣逐渐淡薄了。
The party's popularity has declined in the opinion polls. 民意测验表明该党的支持率已经下滑。
formal The land declines sharply away from the house. 地势从房屋那边开始大幅度向下倾斜。

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decline verb (REFUSE)

B2 [ I or T ] formal to refuse

I invited him to the meeting but he declined. 我邀请他参加那次会议,但他谢绝了。
He declined my offer. 他拒绝了我的提议。
[ + to infinitive ] They declined to tell me how they had obtained my address. 他们拒绝透露是如何弄到我的地址的。

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decline verb (GRAMMAR)

[ I or T ] specialized language If a noun, pronoun, or adjective declines, it has different forms to show if it is the subject or object, etc. of a verb or if it is singular or plural, etc. If you decline such a word, you list its various forms.

In Latin we learned how to decline nouns. 学习拉丁语要了解名词的变格。

declinenoun [ S or U ]

us uk /dɪˈklaɪn/

B2 when something becomes less in amount, importance, quality, or strength

industrial decline 工业的衰落
Home cooking seems to be on the/in decline (= not so many people are doing it). 自己在家做饭的人似乎越来越少了。
a decline in the number of unemployed 失业人数的下降
She seemed to be recovering and then she went into a decline. 她的身体似乎开始恢复了,但后来却又变得越来越虚弱。

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