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UK US defense uk /dɪˈfens/ us /dɪˈfens/

defence noun (PROTECTION)

A2 [ C or U ] protection or support against attack, criticism, or infection

The rebels' only form of defence against the soldiers' guns was sticks and stones. 叛乱者只能用木棍和石块来抵御士兵们的枪弹。
The war has ended but government spending on defence (= the country's armed forces) is still increasing. 战争结束了,但政府用于国防的开支却还在增加。
When Helen criticized me, Chris came/rushed to my defence (= quickly supported me). 海伦批评我的时候,克里斯赶忙为我辩护。
The book is a closely argued defence of (= something that supports) the economic theory of Keynes. 那本书通过严密的论证为凯恩斯的经济理论进行辩护。
The towers were once an important part of the city's defences. 那些高塔曾经是该市防御体系中的重要组成部分。
A good diet helps build the body's natural defences. 良好的饮食习惯有助于增强身体的自然抵抗能力。
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defence noun (EXPLANATION)

[ S or U ] an argument or explanation that you use to prove that you are not guilty of something

The judge remarked that ignorance was not a valid defence. 法官说无知不能成为有效的辩护理由。
All I can say, in defence of my actions, is that I had little choice. 我只能以别无选择来为自己的行为辩解。

the things said in court to prove that a person did not commit a crime

She said that she didn't want a lawyer and was going to conduct her own defence. 她说她不需要律师,她要自己辩护。
the defence C2

the person or people in a law case who have been accused of doing something illegal, and their lawyer(s)

a witness for the defence 辩方证人
a defence lawyer 辩方律师

defence noun (SPORT)

B1 [ S or U ] in some sports, the part of a team that tries to prevent the other team from scoring goals or points

a strong defence 强有力的防线
I play in defence. 我是防守队员。

defence noun (CHESS)

specialized games [ C or U ] in the game of chess, a particular set of moves used by the person playing with the black pieces

What defence did you use in that last game? 上场比赛中你用了什么防御法?

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