Translation of "degree" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C usually singular, U ] (AMOUNT) 数量 uk us /dɪˈɡriː/

(an) amount or level of something

This job demands a high degree of skill. 这项工作对技术的要求很高。
There isn't the slightest degree of doubt that he's innocent. 毫无疑问,他是无辜的。
I have to warn you that there's a degree of (= some) danger involved in this. 我必须警告你这里面有一定的危险。
The number of terrorist attacks has increased to a terrifying degree. 恐怖袭击的次数已经到了骇人的程度。
There was some degree of truth in what she said. 她说的有一定的道理。
To what degree do you think we will be providing a better service? 你认为我们的服务还有多大的改进空间?
"That's really bad." "Well, it's all a matter/question of degree (= there are other things better and other things worse)." “那可真是太糟糕了。”“只是程度不同而已。”

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