Translation of "democratic" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /ˌdem.əˈkræt.ɪk/ US  /-ˈkræt̬-/

based on the principles of democracy

We must accept the results of a democratic election (= an election in which all people can vote). 我们必须接受民主选举结果。
Do you think Australia is a more democratic country (= there is greater social equality there) than Britain? 你觉得澳大利亚比英国更民主吗?
democratically uk us /ˌdem.əˈkræt.ɪ.kli/ US  /-ˈkræt̬-/ adverb

We need to decide this democratically (= based on the wishes of most of the people). 我们需要民主决定这个事情。
Boris Yeltsin was Russia's first democratically elected president. 鲍里斯‧叶利钦是俄罗斯首位民选总统。

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