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uk /dɪˈpɒz.ɪt/ us /dɪˈpɑː.zɪt/

deposit verb (LEAVE)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to leave something somewhere

The flood waters fell, depositing mud over the whole area. 洪水退去后留下的淤泥覆盖了整个区域。
The bus deposited me miles from anywhere. 公共汽车把我扔在一个前不着村后不着店的地方。
The cuckoo deposits her eggs in other birds' nests. 布谷鸟把自己的蛋下在其他鸟类的窝里。
I deposited my luggage in a locker at the station. 我把行李存放在车站的储物柜里了。

deposit verb (MONEY)

C1 [ T ] to put something valuable, especially money, in a bank or safe (= strong box or cupboard with locks)

There's a night safe outside the bank, so you can deposit money whenever you wish. 银行外面有夜间保险箱,你可以随时把钱存进去。
I deposited £500 in my account this morning. 今天早上我在自己的账户中存了500英镑。

[ T ] to pay someone an amount of money when you make an agreement with that person to pay for or buy something, that either will be returned to you later, if the agreed arrangement is kept, or that forms part of the total payment

When we moved in, we had to deposit $1,000 with the landlord in case we broke any of his things. 我们搬进去时必须向房东交1000美元的押金,以防我们损坏其房内物品。
You deposit 20 percent now and pay the rest when the car is delivered. 你可以先付20%的定金,余款在交车时支付。


uk /dɪˈpɒz.ɪt/ us /dɪˈpɑː.zɪt/

deposit noun (LAYER)

C2 [ C or U ] a substance or layer that is left, usually after a liquid is removed

Decant the wine carefully, so that you leave the deposit in the bottom of the bottle. 将酒小心倒出,以免把瓶底的沉淀物带出来。
In hard-water areas, a chalky deposit often forms in pipes and kettles. 在水质较硬的地区,水管和水壶内常会形成白色沉积物。
The flood left a thick deposit of mud over the entire ground floor of the house. 洪水在整个房子的底层留下了一层厚厚的淤泥。

C2 [ C ] specialized geology a layer that has formed under the ground, especially over a long period

mineral/oil/coal deposits 矿/油/煤层

deposit noun (MONEY)

C1 [ C ] a payment, especially into a bank account

To open an account, you need to make a minimum deposit of $500. 开立账户至少需要存入500美元。

B1 [ C ] an amount of money that you pay as the first part of the total payment for something

The shop assistant says if I leave £10 as a deposit, they'll keep the dress for me. 店员说如果我交10英镑定金,他们就会把那件裙子给我留着。
We paid/put a deposit of £5,000 on the house, and paid the balance four weeks later. 我们交了1万英镑的购房预付款,并在4周后付清了余款。
They asked us to put down a deposit.

C1 [ C ] an amount of money that you pay when you rent something, and is returned to you when you return the thing you have rented

It costs $2,000 a week to rent the yacht, with a $200 refundable/returnable deposit. 租一周游艇要花费1000英镑,外加120英镑的可退还押金。
You pay a 10p deposit/deposit of 10p on the bottle, which you get back when you return the empty bottle. 瓶子收取10便士押金,空瓶送回后退还押金。


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