Translation of "deposit" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (LAYER) uk us /dɪˈpɒz.ɪt/ US  /-ˈpɑː.zɪt/

[ C or U ] a substance or layer that is left, usually after a liquid is removed

Decant the wine carefully, so that you leave the deposit in the bottom of the bottle. 将酒小心倒出,以免把瓶底的沉淀物带出来。
In hard-water areas, a chalky deposit often forms in pipes and kettles. 在水质较硬的地区,水管和水壶内常会形成白色沉积物。
The flood left a thick deposit of mud over the entire ground floor of the house. 洪水在整个房子的底层留下了一层厚厚的淤泥。

[ C ] specialized a layer which has formed under the ground, especially over a long period

mineral/oil/coal deposits 矿/油/煤层

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