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depressverb [ T ]

uk /dɪˈpres/ us /dɪˈpres/

depress verb [ T ] (CAUSE SADNESS)

to cause someone to feel unhappy and without hope

This weather depresses me. 这种天气让我感到心情忧郁。
[ + -ing verb ] Doesn't it depress you listening to the news these days? 这些天听新闻你不感到沮丧吗?
[ + to infinitive ] It depresses me to think that I'll probably still be doing exactly the same job in ten years' time. 想到10年后很可能还在干同样的工作我就感到非常沮丧。

depress verb [ T ] (REDUCE)

to reduce the value of something, especially money

A surplus of corn has helped depress the grain market/grain prices. 玉米过剩促使粮食价格降低。
The rise in the value of the dollar has depressed the company's earnings/profits this year. 今年美元升值导致该公司营业额/利润降低。

to reduce the amount of activity in something, especially a business operation

High interest rates are continuing to depress the economy. 高利率使经济持续萧条

to lower the level or amount of something

This drug helps depress high hormone levels. 这种药物有助于降低荷尔蒙水平。

depress verb [ T ] (PRESS DOWN)

formal to press down or lower

Slowly depress the accelerator/brake pedal. 慢慢踩下油门/制动踏板。

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