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uk /dɪˈprest/ us /dɪˈprest/

depressed adjective (SAD)

B1 unhappy and without hope

He seemed a bit depressed about his work situation. 他似乎对自己的工作状况有些沮丧。
She became deeply depressed when her husband died. 丈夫去世后她变得十分消沉。

More examples

  • He's been listless and a bit depressed ever since he got his exam results.
  • She became very depressed in her old age.
  • He sounded very depressed when we spoke on the phone yesterday.
  • Pete was so depressed after his girlfriend left him that I actually thought he was suicidal.
  • Try not to get depressed - after all, what's the use of worrying?

depressed adjective (REDUCED)

C2 not having enough money, jobs, or business activity

In a depressed market, it's difficult to sell goods unless you lower your prices. 市场不景气只能降价,否则很难把产品卖出去。
an economically depressed area 经济萧条的区域

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