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uk /dɪm/ us /dɪm/ dimmer, dimmest

dim adjective (NOT CLEAR)

C2 not giving or having much light

The lamp gave out a dim light. 那盏灯发出暗淡的光芒。
He sat in a dim corner of the waiting room. 他坐在候车室一个昏暗的角落里。
We could see a dim (= not easily seen) shape in the fog. 在雾中我们可以看见一个模模糊糊的影子。

literary If your eyes are dim, you cannot see very well.

a dim memory, recollection, etc.

C2 something that you remember slightly, but not very well

I had a dim recollection of having met her before. 我隐约记得以前好像见过她。

dim adjective (NOT CLEVER)

informal not very clever

He's a nice guy, but a little dim. 他是个好小伙儿,只是头脑有些迟钝。
UK Don't be so dim! 别发傻了!

dim adjective (NOT POSITIVE)

not likely to succeed

The company's prospects for the future are rather dim. 该公司未来的发展前景不容乐观。

dimverb [ I or T ]

uk /dɪm/ us /dɪm/ -mm-

C2 to (make something) become less bright

Someone dimmed the lights. 有人调低了灯的亮度。
The lights dimmed and the curtains opened. 灯光暗了下来,大幕随之拉开。

literary to (make a positive feeling or quality) become less strong

Our hopes/expectations dimmed as the hours passed. 我们的希望/期望随着时间的流逝变得越来越渺茫了。

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