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uk /dɪp/ us /dɪp/ -pp-

dip verb (PUT INTO LIQUID)

B2 [ T ] to put something into a liquid for a short time

Dip the fish in the batter, then drop it into the hot oil. 先把鱼在面糊中浸一下,然后再放进热油中。
She dipped her toe into the pool to see how cold it was. 她把脚趾伸到水塘里试试水有多凉。

[ T ] to put sheep for a short time into a container of liquid containing chemicals that kill harmful insects on the sheep's bodies


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dip verb (DROP)

B2 [ I ] to go down to a lower level

As you turn the corner, the road dips suddenly. 转过那个街角,路陡然下降。
The sun dipped below the horizon. 太阳落到了地平线以下。
House prices dipped in the first three months of the year. 今年前3个月房价下跌了。

[ T ] UK to make the beam from the lights at the front of a vehicle point down

You'll dazzle oncoming drivers if you don't dip your headlights. 如果不使用近光灯就会让迎面而来的司机感到晃眼。


uk /dɪp/ us /dɪp/

dip noun (LIQUID)

[ C or U ] a cold, thick sauce that you eat by dipping pieces of uncooked vegetable or biscuits, etc. into it


[ C usually singular ] a quick swim

a dip in the sea/pool 在海水/水池里游一会儿

[ C or U ] a special liquid used for cleaning, etc.

a silver dip 银器清洗液
sheep dip 羊用浴液

dip noun (DROP)

[ C usually singular ] a part of something that is at a lower level or a movement to a lower level

a dip in the road 路面凹陷
a sudden dip in temperature 温度骤降

dip noun (QUICK LOOK)

[ C usually singular ] a short time spent considering a subject

We begin our dip into local history by examining the town's origins. 我们开始通过研究这座城镇的起源来了解当地的历史。

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