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uk /dɪsˈtʃɑːdʒ/ us /dɪsˈtʃɑːrdʒ/

discharge verb (ALLOW TO LEAVE)

[ T ] to allow someone officially to leave somewhere, especially a hospital or a law court

Patients were discharged from the hospital because the beds were needed by other people. 由于其他人需要床位,患者们便被允许出院了。
More than half of all prisoners discharged are reconvicted within two years. 在获释的犯人中有一半多在两年内又被再次判刑。
UK A peace protester was conditionally discharged for twelve months (= allowed to go free only if they do not commit a crime again for this period of time). 一位和平抗议者被有条件假释12个月。

discharge verb (SEND OUT)

[ I or T ] to send out a substance, especially waste liquid or gas

Large amounts of dangerous waste are discharged daily by the factory. 这个工厂每天排放大量的危险性废物。
The oil that discharged into the sea seriously harmed a lot of birds and animals. 排放到海里的油对许多鸟和动物产生了严重的危害。

discharge verb (PERFORM)

[ T ] formal to perform a task, especially an official one

The city must discharge its legal duty to house the homeless. 如果当局要依法履行其收容无家可归者的职责,那么它还需要政府的支持。
discharge a debt formal

to pay back a debt completely


discharge verb (FIRE GUN)

[ T ] formal to fire a gun, or to fire a shot from a gun

The police stated that some 50 rounds had been discharged. 警方称大约射出了50发子弹。


uk /ˈdɪs.tʃɑːdʒ/ us /ˈdɪs.tʃɑːrdʒ/

discharge noun (PERMISSION TO LEAVE)

[ C or U ] official permission to leave the armed forces, a prison, or a hospital

The soldier received a dishonourable discharge for a disciplinary offence. 那位士兵因违反纪律而被不光彩地开除了。
UK The judge gave him a one-year conditional discharge. 法官判他有条件假释1年。

discharge noun (SUBSTANCE)

[ C or U ] the act of sending out waste liquid or gas

Thousands of fish were killed as a result of a discharge of poisonous chemicals from a nearby factory. 成千上万条鱼被附近工厂排出的有毒化学物质毒死。

[ C or U ] liquid matter that comes from a part of the body and is often infected

a vaginal discharge 阴道分泌物

discharge noun (PERFORMANCE)

[ U ] formal the performance of duties or payment of money that is owed

the discharge of his duties 履行他的职责

discharge noun (FIRING GUN)

[ U ] formal the action of firing a gun


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