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dishonournoun [ U ]

UK US dishonor uk /dɪˈsɒn.ər/ us /dɪˈsɑː.nɚ/

a feeling of embarrassment and loss of people's respect, or a situation in which you experience this

Some of the leaders of the coup took their lives rather than face dishonour. 一些参与政变的领导者宁死也不愿蒙受耻辱。
It was no dishonour to be beaten by such a strong opponent.

dishonourverb [ T ]

UK US dishonor uk /dɪˈsɒn.ər/ us /dɪˈsɑː.nɚ/

to cause someone or something to lose respect

He felt that he had dishonoured his country. 他觉得自己给国家丢了脸。

If you dishonour a promise or agreement, you do not do what you said you would do.

We suspect he means to dishonour the agreement made three years ago. 我们怀疑他想违反3年前签下的协议。

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