Translation of "disillusion" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /ˌdɪs.ɪˈluː.ʒən/ us /ˌdɪs.ɪˈluː.ʒən/

to disappoint someone by telling them the unpleasant truth about something or someone that they had a good opinion of or respected

I hate to/I'm sorry to disillusion you, but pregnancy is not always wonderful - I was sick every day for six months. 我不想打破你的美梦,但是怀孕并非总是美妙的事——我当时有6个月的时间天天都恶心。
disillusionment noun [ U ] uk /ˌdɪs.ɪˈluː.ʒən.mənt/ us /ˌdɪs.ɪˈluː.ʒən.mənt/ also disillusion

There is increasing disillusionment with the government. 人们对政府感到越来越失望。

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