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uk /ˈdɪs.təns/ us /ˈdɪs.təns/

distance noun (SPACE)

B1 [ C or U ] the amount of space between two places

What's the distance between Madrid and Barcelona/from Madrid to Barcelona? 马德里和巴塞罗那相距有多远?
He travels quite a distance (= a long way) to work every day. 他每天上班的路途很远。
Does she live within walking distance of her parents? 从她的住处到父母家可以走着去吗?
at/from a distance

B2 from a place that is not near

From a distance he looks a bit like Johnny Depp. 从远处看他有点儿像詹姆斯‧邦德。
in the distance

B2 at a point that is far away

On a clear day you can see the temple in the distance. 在晴朗的日子里,远处的庙宇清晰可见。

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distance noun (MANNER)

[ S or U ] behaviour that shows little interest or friendliness

I noticed a certain distance between father and son. 我注意到父子之间有些疏远。

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