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disturbverb [ T ]

uk /dɪˈstɜːb/ us /dɪˈstɝːb/

disturb verb [ T ] (INTERRUPT)

B2 to interrupt what someone is doing

Please don't disturb your sister - she's trying to do her homework. 请不要打扰乔治娜——她正在用功做家庭作业。
I'm sorry to disturb you so late, but my car's broken down and I don't have my phone with me. 很抱歉这么晚来打扰你,我的汽车坏了,想借用一下你的电话。
disturb the peace

to break the law by behaving unpleasantly and noisily in public

Several fans were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace after the game. 几位英格兰队的支持者被捕,他们被指控在赛后扰乱治安。

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disturb verb [ T ] (WORRY)

C2 to cause someone to be worried or upset

Some scenes are violent and may disturb younger viewers. 某些场景中有暴力内容,可能会使年幼些的观众产生焦虑情绪。

disturb verb [ T ] (MOVE)

to move or change something from its usual position, arrangement, condition, or shape

The thief had disturbed the documents in her filing cabinet, but nothing had been taken. 窃贼翻动了她档案柜中的文件,但什么都没拿走。

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