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uk /dɒt/ us /dɑːt/

B2 [ C ] a very small round mark

The full stop at the end of this sentence is a dot. 这个句子末尾的句号是一个小圆点。
Her skirt was blue with white dots. 她的蓝裙子上有一些白色小圆点。

B1 [ U ] the spoken form of a full stop in an internet or email address, or some computer files

"What's the web address?" "www dot cambridge dot org". 那个网址是什么? 「。」

[ C ] old-fashioned the short sounds or short flashes of light used with dashes when sending messages in Morse (code)


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uk /dɒt/ us /dɑːt/ -tt-

[ T ] to put a dot or dots on something

Your handwriting is hard to read because you don't dot your i's. 你的笔迹很难辨认,因为你在字母 I 上面不加点。

[ T often passive ] to be spread across an area, or to spread many similar things across an area

We have offices dotted around/all over the region. 我们的办事处在该地区星罗棋布。
The area is dotted with beautiful churches. 乡间散落着很多漂亮的教堂。

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