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uk /ˈdʌb.əl/ us /ˈdʌb.əl/

A2 twice the size, amount, price, etc., or consisting of two similar things together

I ordered a double espresso (= two standard amounts in one cup). 我点了一杯双份的蒸馏咖啡。
Go through the double doors and turn left. 穿过那道对开门,然后向左转。
The word "cool" has a double "o" in the middle. 单词 cool 的中间有两个字母 o。
Everything he says has a double meaning (= has two possible meanings). 他说的每句话都有双重含义。
This painkiller is double strength (= has twice the normal amount of medicine). 这种镇痛药具有双倍功效。
UK Sabiha's phone number is double three, one, five, double seven (= 331577). 萨比哈的电话号码是331577。

A double flower or plant is a flower with more than the usual number of petals.

a double primrose 重瓣樱草花

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uk /ˈdʌb.əl/ us /ˈdʌb.əl/

double noun (PERSON)

[ C usually singular ] a person who looks exactly the same as someone else

Hey, Tony, I met someone at a party last week who was your double. 嘿,托尼,上周我在一次聚会上遇到一个长得和你一模一样的人。

double noun (TWO PLAYERS)

doubles [ U ]

a game of tennis or a similar sport between two teams of two people

men's/women's/mixed doubles 男子/女子/混合双打
Who won the men's doubles at Wimbledon this year? 谁在今年温布尔登网球赛中获得了男子双打冠军?

double noun (BASEBALL)

[ C ] US in baseball, a hit that allows the batter (= person who hits the ball) to reach second base


doubleverb [ I or T ]

uk /ˈdʌb.əl/ us /ˈdʌb.əl/

B2 to become twice as much or as many, or to make something twice as much or many

The government aims to double the number of students in higher education within 25 years. 政府计划在25年内使高校在校生人数翻一番。
Company profits have doubled since the introduction of new technology. 自从引进新技术后,公司的利润增加了一倍。

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doublenoun, predeterminer

uk /ˈdʌb.əl/ us /ˈdʌb.əl/

B1 something that is twice the amount, size, strength, etc. of something else

I paid double (= twice as much) for those trousers last week. 降价前我买这条裤子花了两倍的价钱。
Electrical goods are almost double the price they were a few years ago. 与几年前相比,电器类商品的价格几乎翻了一番。
"Would you like another whisky?" "Yes. Make it a double (= two standard amounts in one glass)." “你想再来一杯威士忌吗?”“好的,来个双份量的。”

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uk /ˈdʌb.əl/ us /ˈdʌb.əl/

in two parts or layers

Fold the blanket double (= so that it is in two layers) and then you won't be cold. 把毯子叠成两层,这样你就不会冷了。
They were bent double (= their heads and shoulders were bent forward and down) from decades of work in the fields. 由于长年在地里劳作,他们的腰都给累弯了。
see double

to have a problem with your eyes so that you see two of everything, usually because you are drunk or ill

I started seeing double, then I fainted. 我的眼前开始出现重影,然后就晕了过去。

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