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uk /dræɡ/ us /dræɡ/ -gg-

drag verb (PULL)

B2 [ T ] to move something by pulling it along a surface, usually the ground

Pick the chair up instead of dragging it behind you! 把椅子拿起来,不要在地上拖!
She dragged the canoe down to the water. 她把独木舟拉到水边。

C2 [ T + adv/prep ] to make someone go somewhere they do not want to go

She had to drag her kids away from the toys. 她不得不把孩子从玩具店硬拉出来。
I really had to drag myself out of bed this morning. 今天早上我真是硬撑着从床上爬了起来。

B1 [ T ] to move something on a computer screen using a mouse


[ T ] If you drag a subject into a conversation, etc., you begin to talk about it even if it is not connected with what you are talking about.

She's always dragging sex into the conversation. 她总把性扯到谈话中来。

[ T ] to pull nets or hooks (= curved wires) along the bottom of a river or lake in order to find something

They found the man's body after dragging the canal. 他们用拖网从运河里捞出了那个人的尸体。
drag and drop

B1 If you drag and drop something on a computer screen, you move it from one area to another using the mouse.


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drag verb (BORING)

C2 [ I ] If something such as a film or performance drags, it seems to go slowly because it is boring.

The first half of the movie was interesting but the second half dragged (on). 电影的上半部很有趣,但下半部却很拖沓。


uk /dræɡ/ us /dræɡ/

drag noun (BORING THING)

[ S ] informal something that is not convenient and is boring or unpleasant

Filling in forms is such a drag! 填写这些表格真麻烦!
I've got to go to the dentist again - what a drag! 我还得去看牙医——真麻烦!

drag noun (PULL)

[ S or U ] specialized physics, engineering the force that acts against the forward movement of something that is passing through a gas or a liquid

Engineers are always looking for ways to minimize drag when they design new aircraft. 工程师们设计新型飞机时一直寻找在最大程度上降低空气阻力的方法。

drag noun (SUCK)

[ C ] slang the action of taking in air through a cigarette

Taking a deep drag of/on his cigarette he closed his eyes and sighed. 他深深地吸了一口烟,闭上眼睛叹了口气。

drag noun (CLOTHES)

[ U ] informal the activity of dressing in clothes of the opposite sex, especially of a man dressing in women's clothes, often for humorous entertainment

a man in drag 一身女人打扮的男人

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