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uk /dres/ us /dres/

A1 [ C ] a piece of clothing for women or girls that covers the top half of the body and hangs down over the legs

a long/short dress 长/短裙
a wedding dress 婚纱

B2 [ U ] used, especially in combination, to refer to clothes of a particular type, especially those worn in particular situations

The king, in full ceremonial dress, presided over the ceremony. 女王身着礼服盛装主持仪式。

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uk /dres/ us /dres/

dress verb (PUT ON CLOTHES)

A2 [ I or T ] to put clothes on yourself or someone else, especially a child

My husband dresses the boys while I make breakfast. 我做早饭时丈夫给孩子们穿衣服。
He left very early and had to dress in the dark. 因为走得很早他只好摸黑穿衣服。

B1 [ I + adv/prep ] to wear a particular type of clothes

I have to dress in a suit and tie for work. 我上班必须穿戴得光鲜整洁。
Patricia always dresses in black (= wears black clothes). 帕特里夏总穿黑色衣服。
dress for dinner

to put on formal clothes for a meal

It's the type of hotel where you're expected to dress for dinner. 去那家酒店赴宴要着正装。

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dress verb (PREPARE FOOD)

[ T ] to add a liquid, especially a mixture of oil and vinegar, to a salad for extra flavour

a dressed salad 加有调味料的色拉

[ T ] to prepare meat, chicken, fish, or crab so it can be eaten

a whole dressed crab 经过加工的整只螃蟹

dress verb (TREAT INJURY)

[ T ] to treat an injury by cleaning it and putting medicine or a covering on it to protect it

Clean and dress the wound immediately. 马上清洗包扎伤口。

dress verb (SHOP WINDOW)

[ T ] to decorate a shop window, usually with an arrangement of goods

They're dressing the store's windows for Christmas. 为了迎接圣诞节,他们正在布置哈罗德公司的橱窗。

dressadjective [ before noun ]

uk /dres/ us /dres/

used to refer to men's suits, shirts, or other clothes of the type that are worn at formal occasions

a white dress shirt and bow tie 白色的正装衬衫和领结

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