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drillnoun [ C ]

uk /drɪl/ us /drɪl/

drill noun [ C ] (TOOL)

a tool or machine that makes holes

an electric/pneumatic drill 电/风钻
a dentist's drill 牙钻
a drill bit (= the sharp part of the drill that cuts the hole) 钻头

drill noun [ C ] (REGULAR ACTIVITY)

an activity that practises a particular skill and often involves repeating the same thing several times, especially a military exercise intended to train soldiers

In some of these schools, army-style drills are used to instil a sense of discipline. 这些学校中有一些利用军训来培养纪律观念。
a spelling/pronunciation drill 拼写/发音练习


uk /drɪl/ us /drɪl/

drill verb (MAKE HOLE)

[ I or T ] to make a hole in something using a special tool

Drill three holes in the wall for the screws. 在墙上打3个拧螺丝钉用的小孔。
They are going to drill for oil nearby. 他们准备在附近钻探石油。

drill verb (PRACTISE)

[ I or T ] to practise something, especially military exercises, or to make someone do this

We watched the soldiers drilling on the parade ground. 我们观看士兵们在阅兵场上的训练。

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to tell someone something repeatedly to make them remember it

It was drilled into us at an early age that we should always say "please" and "thank you". 我们从小就被反复告知总要记着说“请”和“谢谢”。
He drilled the children in what they should say. 他一遍又一遍地告诉孩子们应该说什么话。

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