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drinknoun [ C or U ]

uk /drɪŋk/ us /drɪŋk/

drink noun [ C or U ] (LIQUID)

A1 (an amount of) liquid that is taken into the body through the mouth

Would you like a drink of water/tea/juice? 你想喝点儿水/茶/果汁吗?
They'd had no food or drink for two days. 他们已经两天没吃没喝了。

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drink noun [ C or U ] (ALCOHOL)

A2 alcoholic liquid

Do we have time for a quick drink? 我们有没有时间喝杯小酒?
Whose turn is it to buy the drinks? 该轮到谁请喝酒了?
UK We ran out of drink at the party. 在聚会上我们把酒都喝光了。
drinks [ plural ]

a party at which you have drinks, especially alcoholic drinks

Come for drinks on Saturday. 周六来参加酒会吧。
UK We're having a small drinks party for one of our colleagues who's leaving next week. 我们正在为下周即将离开的一个同事开小型酒会。

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uk /drɪŋk/ us /drɪŋk/ drank, drunk

drink verb (LIQUID)

A1 [ I or T ] to take liquid into the body through the mouth

He drank three glasses of water. 他喝了3杯水。
The animals came down to the waterhole to drink. 动物们下到那个水坑去喝水。

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drink verb (ALCOHOL)

A2 [ I ] to drink alcohol

"Would you like a glass of wine?" "No thanks, I don't drink." “想喝杯酒吗?”“不,谢谢,我不喝酒。”
I didn't drink at all while I was pregnant. 怀孕期间我滴酒未沾。

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