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verb (USE VEHICLE) 使用车辆 uk us /draɪv/ (drove, driven)

[ I or T ] to move or travel on land in a motor vehicle, especially as the person controlling the vehicle's movement

I'm learning to drive. 我在学开车。
"Are you going by train?" "No, I'm driving." “你乘火车去吗?”“不,我开车去。”
She drives a red sports car. 她开一辆红色跑车。
They're driving to Scotland on Tuesday. 星期二他们要开车去苏格兰。
We saw their car outside the house and drove on/past/away. 我们看见他们的车在房子外面,然后就开车往前走/过去/离开了。
I drove my daughter to school. 我开车送女儿上学。
→ Compare ride verb
driving while intoxicated (abbreviation DWI) US legal

the crime of operating a motor vehicle after having drunk more alcohol than you are legally allowed to

Smith was arrested and charged with DWI. 史密斯已被捕并被指控酒后驾驶。

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