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drugnoun [ C ]

uk /drʌɡ/ us /drʌɡ/

drug noun [ C ] (MEDICINE)

B2 any natural or artificially made chemical that is used as a medicine

anti-cancer/fertility/pain-killing drugs 抗癌/避孕/止疼药
a prescription drug 处方药
drug therapy 药物治疗
He takes several drugs for his condition. 为了治病他要吃好几种药。

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drug noun [ C ] (ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE)

B2 any natural or artificially made chemical that is taken for pleasure, to improve someone's performance of an activity, or because a person cannot stop using it

illegal drugs 非法毒品
a drug addict 吸毒成瘾者,瘾君子
drug addiction/abuse 毒瘾/滥用毒品
She began to suspect that her son was on/taking/doing drugs. 她开始怀疑儿子在吸毒。
She was suspected of being a drug dealer. 她被怀疑是毒品贩子。
His son died of a drug overdose. 他的儿子因吸毒过量而死亡。

any activity that you cannot stop doing

Work is a drug for him. 他是个工作狂。

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drugverb [ T ]

uk /drʌɡ/ us /drʌɡ/ -gg-

to give a person or animal a chemical that causes him, her, or it to lose feeling or become unconscious

The killer confessed that he often drugged his victims before he killed them. 那名杀手供认在杀人之前他通常对受害者使用麻醉剂。
She was heavily drugged to ease the pain. 给她打了大量的麻醉剂来缓解疼痛。
UK informal We visited her in hospital but she was drugged to the eyeballs (= had been given a lot of drugs) and I don't think she even knew we were there. 我们去医院看她时她已经打了大量的麻药,我想她都不知道我们去看过她。

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