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uk /draɪ/ us /draɪ/ drier, driest

dry adjective (NOT WET)

A2 used to describe something that has no water or other liquid in, on, or around it

I hung his wet trousers on the radiator, but they're not dry yet. 我把他的湿裤子挂在散热器上了,但现在还没干呢。
These plants grow well in dry soil/a dry climate. 这些植物适宜在干旱的土壤里/气候条件下生长。
This cake's a bit dry - I think I left it in the oven for too long. 这个蛋糕有点干——估计是让我给烤过头了。
run dry

If a river or other area of water runs dry, the water gradually disappears from it.

By this time all the wells had run dry. 到这个时候所有的井都已经干枯了。

C1 Dry hair or skin does not have enough of the natural oils that make it soft and smooth.

a shampoo for dry hair 适用于干性发质的洗发水

UK Dry bread is plain, without butter, jam, etc.

All I was offered was a piece of dry bread and an apple! 他们只给了我一块没有黄油的面包和一个苹果。

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dry adjective (BORING)

C2 disapproving If a book, talk, subject, etc. is dry, it is not interesting.


dry adjective (NO ALCOHOL)

without alcoholic drinks

a dry wedding 不喝酒的婚礼
a dry bar 无酒精酒吧
a dry state (= a place that does not allow alcohol) 禁酒的州

dry adjective (NOT SWEET)

C1 If wine or other alcoholic drinks are dry, they do not taste sweet.

dry cider/martini/sherry/wine 干苹果/马提尼/雪利/葡萄酒
On the whole, I like dry wine better than sweet. 总的来讲,我更喜欢干葡萄酒,不喜欢甜葡萄酒。

dry adjective (HUMOUR)

approving Dry humour is very funny in a way that is clever and not obvious.

a dry sense of humour 不露声色的幽默感
a dry wit 假装正经的诙谐


uk /draɪ/ us /draɪ/
the dry UK

a place where the conditions are not wet, especially when compared to somewhere where the conditions are wet

You're soaked - come into the dry. 你都湿透了——快到干爽的地方来。

dryverb [ I or T ]

uk /draɪ/ us /draɪ/

A2 to become dry, or to make something become dry

Will this paint dry by tomorrow? 明天油漆会干吗?
Hang the clothes up to dry. 把衣服挂起来晾干。
The fruit is dried in the sun. 水果在阳光照射下变得干巴巴的。
dry the dishes UK also dry up (the dishes), UK do the drying (up)

to dry plates, knives, forks, etc. after they have been washed


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