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uk /dʒuː/ us /duː/

due adjective (EXPECTED)

B1 expected to happen, arrive, etc. at a particular time

What time is the next bus due? 下一趟公交车什么时候来?
The next meeting is due to be held in three months' time. 下次会议预计将在3个月后召开。
Their first baby is due in January. 他们的第一个孩子预产期在一月份。
in due course B2 formal

at a suitable time in the future

You will receive notification of the results in due course. 在适当的时候你会收到结果通知的。

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due adjective (RESULTING)

due to

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B1 because of

A lot of her unhappiness is due to boredom. 她的不开心主要是因为无聊。
The bus was delayed due to heavy snow. 由于湿滑的树叶散落在轨道上,这次列车将晚点1小时。

due adjective (OWED)

C2 owed as a debt or as a right

The rent is due (= should be paid) at the end of the month. 租金应在月底交。
£50 is due to me (US due me) from the people I worked for last month. 上个月雇主欠我50英镑。
Our thanks are due to everyone. 我们应该感谢每一个人。
UK law He was found to have been driving without due (= the necessary) care and attention. 他被发现未审慎驾驶。


uk /dʒuː/ us /duː/
give sb their due

said when you are praising someone for something good they have done, although you dislike other things about them

He failed again, but to give him his due, he did try hard. 他又失败了,但说句公道话,他确实尽力了。
dues [ plural ]

the official payments that you make to an organization you belong to

Members of the society pay $1,000 in annual dues. 这个社团的会员每年支付1000美元的会费。


uk /dʒuː/ us /duː/

in a direction that is straight towards the north, south, east, or west

From here, you go due east until you get to the Interstate. 你从这里朝正东走,一直走到一片林区。

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