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dumpverb [ T ]

uk /dʌmp/ us /dʌmp/

dump verb [ T ] (PUT DOWN)

C2 to put down or drop something in a careless way

He came in with four shopping bags and dumped them on the table. 他进门后将手里提着的4个购物袋往桌上一扔。

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dump verb [ T ] (GET RID OF)

C1 to get rid of something unwanted, especially by leaving it in a place where it is not allowed to be

The tax was so unpopular that the government decided to dump it. 这项税款非常不得人心,于是政府决定将其取消。
Several old cars had been dumped near the beach. 几辆旧汽车被丢弃在海滩附近。
Toxic chemicals continue to be dumped into the river. 有毒化工品还在继续被倾倒进北海。

to sell unwanted goods very cheaply, usually in other countries

They accused the West of dumping out-of-date medicines on Third World countries. 他们指责西方国家向第三世界国家倾销过期药品。

specialized computing to move information from a computer's memory to another place or device


dump verb [ T ] (END RELATIONSHIP)

C2 informal to suddenly end a romantic relationship you have been having with someone

If he's so awful, why don't you just dump him? 如果他这么糟糕,你为什么不把他给甩了?

dumpnoun [ C ]

uk /dʌmp/ us /dʌmp/

C1 UK also rubbish dump, US also garbage dump a place where people are allowed to leave their rubbish

I'm going to clean out the basement and take everything I don't want to the dump. 我要清理一下这个棚子,把不要的东西都扔进垃圾堆。

C2 informal a very unpleasant and unattractive place

This town is a complete dump! 他的房间就像个垃圾堆!

a place where things of a particular type are stored, especially by an army

an ammunition/arms/weapons/food dump 弹药/武器/军械/食品库

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