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uk /ˈel.ɪ.mənt/ us /ˈel.ə.mənt/

element noun (PART)

B2 [ C ] a part of something

List the elements that make up a perfect dinner party. 列举出一次尽善尽美的晚宴的所有构成要素。
The movie had all the elements of a good thriller. 这部电影具备了一部精彩的惊险片的一切要素。
We weren't even taught the elements of (= basic information about) physics at school. 学校连基本的物理知识都没有教给我们。

More examples

  • subversive elements in society
  • All these different political elements have somehow been yoked together to form a new alliance.
  • They've introduced all sorts of new elements to that programme in order to broaden its appeal.
  • Reactionary elements in the industry are preventing its progress towards greater efficiency.
  • The television adverts were, of course, an important element of the campaign.

element noun (AMOUNT)

an element of sth

More examples

  • There's always an element of subjectivity in decision-making.
  • There's an element of calculation in his behaviour that makes me distrust him.
  • There's always an element of sexual innuendo in our conversations.
  • I detected an element of envy in what he said.
  • There was possibly an element of truth in her accusations.

C2 a small amount of an emotion or quality

There was certainly an element of truth in what she said. 她说的话当然也有些是真的。
Don't you think there's an element of jealousy in all of this? 你不觉得所有这一切都是妒嫉在隐隐作祟?
We walked quietly up to the door to preserve the element of surprise. 我们轻手轻脚地走近门口,想制造一个惊喜。

element noun (SIMPLE SUBSTANCE)

B2 [ C ] a simple substance that cannot be reduced to smaller chemical parts

Aluminium is an element. 铝是一种元素。

element noun (EARTH, AIR, ETC.)

[ C ] earth, air, fire, and water from which people in the past believed everything else was made


element noun (WEATHER)

the elements [ plural ]

the weather, usually bad weather

We decided to brave the elements and go for a walk (= go for a walk despite the bad weather). 我们决定顶风冒雨去散步。

element noun (ELECTRICAL PART)

[ C ] the part of an electrical device that produces heat

a heating element 电热元件
The kettle needs a new element. 电水壶该换新的电热丝了。

[ C, C ] UK usually ring a circular piece of material often made of metal that can be heated in order to be used for cooking

a gas element 煤气灶
an electric element 电热灶火圈

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