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uk /els/ us /els/

A2 used after words beginning with any-, every-, no-, and some-, or after how, what, where, who, why, but not which, to mean 'other', 'another', 'different', 'extra'

(用于以 any-,every-,no- 和 some- 开头的词后面,或用于 how,what,where,who,why 之后,但不用于 which 之后)其他,另外,别的
Everybody else has (= all the other people have) agreed except for you. 除了你其他人都同意了。
If it doesn't work, try something else (= something different). 如果这个行不通,试试别的。
Let's go before they ask us to visit anyone else (= another person). 趁他们还没有让我们再去拜访别人,我们还是走吧。
It's not my bag. It must be someone else's (= it must belong to another person). 这不是我的包,肯定是别人的。
The book isn't here. Where else (= in what other place) should I look? 书不在这儿,我该再到哪儿去看看呢?
He came to see you. Why else (= for what other reason) would he come? 他来是为了见你,他还能有什么别的目的?
After I'd thanked them I didn't know what else (= what other things) to say. 我对他们道了谢,然后就不知道该说些什么了。

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