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uk /ˈen.ə.dʒi/ us /ˈen.ɚ.dʒi/

energy noun (STRENGTH)

B1 [ U ] the power and ability to be physically and mentally active

Since I started eating more healthily I've got so much more energy. 自从更加注意饮食健康以来,我精力愈发充沛了。
I was going to go out this evening, but I just haven't got the energy. 今晚我本打算出去玩的,可是实在没有力气了。
[ + to infinitive ] I didn't even have the energy to get out of bed. 我连下床的力气都没了。
approving Her writing is full of passion and energy (= enthusiasm). 她的文章中充满激情和活力。
energies [ plural ]

the total of all your power and ability to be mentally and physically active

I'm going to channel all my energies into getting a better job. 我要全力以赴去找一个好些的工作。

More examples

  • I'm not being lazy - I'm just saving my energy for later.
  • Her experience and energy are a winning combination in business.
  • We were struck by the raw energy of the dancers' performances.
  • For the past month he's been spending all his time and energy on trying to find a job.
  • I'd like to go out this evening, but I don't think I've got the energy.

energy noun (POWER)

B1 the power from something such as electricity or oil that can do work, such as providing light and heat

The energy generated by the windmill drives all the drainage pumps. 风车产生的能量为所有的排水泵提供动力。
energy conservation/efficiency. 节能/能源使用效率
nuclear energy 核能

More examples

  • Solar power is the conversion of the sun's energy into heat and electricity.
  • Plutonium is a fuel used to produce nuclear energy.
  • The exploration for new sources of energy is vital for the future of our planet.
  • Many countries are starting to turn their attention to new forms of energy.
  • We must invest more in renewable energy sources such as wind and wave power.

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