Translation of "entrance" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /ˈen.trənts/

[ C ] a door, gate, etc. by which you can enter a building or place

There are two entrances - one at the front and one round the back. 有两个入口,一个在前面,另一个在后面。
→ Compare exit noun

[ C usually singular ] when an actor or dancer comes onto a stage

He makes a spectacular entrance in act two draped in a gold sheet. 在第二幕,他身披金袍上场,光彩炫目。

[ C usually singular ] the act of a person coming into a room in an ordinary situation, although often because there is something noticeable about it

I noticed her entrance because she slipped and fell in the doorway. 她进来时我注意到了,因为她在门口滑了一跤。

[ U ] the right to enter a place

The management reserve the right to refuse entrance. 管理部门保留拒绝他人入内的权利。

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