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uk /ɪˈstæb.lɪʃ.mənt/ us /ɪˈstæb.lɪʃ.mənt/

establishment noun (ORGANIZATION)

C1 [ C ] a business or other organization, or the place where an organization operates

an educational/financial/religious establishment 教育/金融/宗教机构
the establishment [ S, + sing/pl verb ]

the important and powerful people who control a country or an organization, especially those who support the existing situation

Critics said judges were on the side of the establishment. 持批评意见的人称法官们站在了权势集团的一边。

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establishment noun (START)

C1 [ U ] the process of starting or creating something, for example, an organization

Since its establishment in 1945, the United Nations has played a dominant role in the development of international law.
The establishment of new areas of employment is a priority. 创建新的就业领域是当务之急。

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