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eventnoun [ C ]

uk /ɪˈvent/ us /ɪˈvent/

B1 anything that happens, especially something important or unusual

This year's Olympic Games will be the biggest ever sporting event. 今年的奥林匹克运动会将是历史上规模最大的体育盛事。
Susannah's party was the social event of the year. 苏珊娜办的聚会是当年社交界的一件盛事。
The police are trying to determine the series of events that led up to the murder. 警方正试图顺藤摸瓜,查清引发谋杀的一系列事件。

B1 one of a set of races or competitions

The women's 200 metre event will be followed by the men's 100 metres. 女子200米跑之后是男子100米跑项目。
in the event UK

used to emphasize that what happened was not what you expected

We had expected to arrive an hour late, but in the event we were early. 我们本以为会迟到1小时,结果竟然提前到了。
in the event of sth

C1 if something happens

In the event of a strike, the army will take over responsibility for firefighting. 如果发生罢工,部队将承担起消防职责。
in any event C1 UK also at all events

whatever happens

I might go home next month, but in any event, I'll be home for Christmas. 我也许下个月回家,但无论如何,我会在家过圣诞节的。
in either event

in either of two situations

I can't decide whether to accept the New York or the Chicago job, but in either event I'll have to move. 我定不下来是去剑桥还是伦敦工作,但无论哪种情况我都得搬家。
in that event

if that happens

There's a possibility of my flight being delayed. In that event I'll phone to let you know. 我乘坐的班机可能会晚点,如果是那样我会打电话通知你。

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