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uk /ˈev.ər/ us /ˈev.ɚ/

ever adverb (AT ANY TIME)

A2 at any time

Nothing ever happens here in the evening. 这儿晚上从来没发生过什么事儿。
Have you ever been to London? 你去过伦敦吗?
If you're ever/If ever you're in Rio, do give me a call. 无论什么时候你到了剑桥,一定要给我打个电话。
He hardly ever (= almost never) washes the dishes and he rarely, if ever, (= probably never) does any cleaning. 他几乎从不刷盘子,也难得打扫一次卫生。
When there's a James Bond movie on TV, I never ever miss it. 只要电视上播出詹姆斯.庞德电影,我从不错过。
If ever there was a cause for celebration, this peace treaty was it. 这项和平条约确实值得庆祝。
The smell is worse than ever. 这气味更加难闻了。
I thought she was famous, but none of my friends have ever heard of her. 我觉得她很有名,但我的朋友中竟然从来没人听说过她。
better, bigger, more, etc. than ever

C1 better, bigger, etc. than at any time before

We are spending more than ever on education. 现在我们的教育开支之大是前所未有的。
as big, fast, good, etc. as ever

as big, fast, etc. as at any time before

The restaurants are as good as ever and no more expensive. 这些饭店的饭菜仍像往常一样美味可口,但价格却不那么贵了。

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ever adverb (ALWAYS)

C2 continuously

United's record in cup competitions grows ever more impressive. 曼彻斯特联队在杯赛中的成绩越来越引人注目。
The ever-increasing demand for private cars could be halted by more investment in public transport. 加大对公共交通的投资或许可以遏制对私车日益增长的需求。
Nuclear devastation was an ever-present threat. 核毁灭是个永久存在的威胁。
Susan and Guy moved to the country, where they lived happily ever after. 在剑桥住了9年后,苏珊娜和盖伊移居沃特林顿,此后一直在那里过着幸福的生活。
ever since

B1 continuously since that time

He's been depressed ever since he got divorced. 他离婚后一直很消沉。
as ever

in the same way as always

As ever, I was the last to find out. 像往常一样,我又是最后一个知道的。
yours ever also ever yours UK formal

used at the end of a letter as a way of saying goodbye to someone you know well

Yours ever, Yvonne. 你永远的朋友,伊冯娜。

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ever adverb (EMPHASIS)

used for emphasizing an adjective

The orchestra is to perform its last ever concert/last concert ever tomorrow night at the Albert Hall. 管弦乐队将于明晚在艾伯特音乐厅举行最后一次演出。
Yesterday the company announced its first ever fall in profits. 昨天这家公司宣布其利润首次出现下跌。
Was she ever a fast runner! (= She was a very fast runner!) 她以前跑得多快啊!
"Are you looking forward to your vacation?" "Am I ever!" (= Yes, very much!) “你盼望休假吗?”“每时每刻都盼着!”

in questions, used to emphasize the question word

How ever did he manage that? 他到底是怎么应付过去的?
What ever have you done to him? 你究竟对他做了什么?
Why ever would anyone/Why would anyone ever want to hurt her? 有人要去伤害她究竟是为什么?
ever so/ever such a B2 UK informal

very/a very

She's ever so pretty. 她貌美至极。
She's ever such a pretty girl. 她是个很漂亮的女孩。

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