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evidencenoun [ U ]

uk /ˈev.ɪ.dəns/ us /ˈev.ə.dəns/

B2 one or more reasons for believing that something is or is not true

The police have found no evidence of a terrorist link with the murder. 警方没有发现任何证据证明这起谋杀案和恐怖分子有关。
[ + to infinitive ] There is no scientific evidence to suggest that underwater births are dangerous. 没有科学证据证明水中分娩有什么危险。
[ + that ] Is there any scientific evidence that a person's character is reflected in their handwriting? 一个人的笔迹反映其性格的说法有什么科学依据吗?
Several experts are to give evidence on the subject. 数位专家将就这个问题给出证据。
There is only circumstantial evidence against her, so she is unlikely to be convicted. 只有间接证据对她不利,所以她不大可能被定罪。
Campaigners now have compelling documentary evidence of the human rights abuses that they had been alleging for several years. 人权运动者数年来一直声称存在践踏人权的现象,而现在他们已经掌握了令人信服的书面证据。
Fresh evidence suggests that the statement had been fabricated. 新的证据表明财务报表是伪造的。
The traces of petrol found on his clothing provided the forensic evidence proving that he had started the fire deliberately. 在他衣服上发现的汽油痕迹成了法庭证据,证明他是蓄意纵火。
All the evidence points to a substantial rise in traffic over the next few years. 所有证据都表明,在今后几年中交通量会大幅增长。
There is growing/mounting/increasing evidence that people whose diets are rich in vitamins are less likely to develop some types of cancer. 越来越多的证据表明,饮食中富含维生素的人不那么容易患某些癌症。

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adjective uk /ˈev.ɪ.dənst/ us /ˈev.ə.dənst/ mainly US

shown to be true

His desire to win an Olympic medal is evidenced by his performances throughout this season. 这一赛季他的所有表现证明他很想赢得奥运会奖牌。

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