Translation of "except" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


preposition, conjunction uk us /ɪkˈsept/

not including; but not

The museum is open daily except Monday(s). 博物馆除周一外每天都开放。
The government has few options except to keep interest rates high. 政府除了保持高利率外,几乎没有其他的选择。
It's cool and quiet everywhere except in the kitchen. 除了厨房,别的房间都很凉爽安静。
Everyone was there except for Sally. 除了萨莉,大家都在那儿。
There is nothing to indicate the building's past, except (for) the fireplace. 除了壁炉外,再没有什么地方可以表明这幢房子的历史了。
They look very similar except that one is a little taller. 他们长得很像,只是那个人稍高些。

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