Translation of "excuse" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /ɪkˈskjuːs/

a reason that you give to explain why you did something wrong

He'd better have a good excuse for being late. 他迟到最好有正当的理由。
I've never known him to miss a meeting - I'm sure he'll have an excuse. 据我所知,他从来没有缺席过会议——我敢肯定他不来是有原因的。
There's no excuse for that sort of behaviour. 根本没什么借口为那种行为开脱。

a false reason that you give to explain why you do something

[ + to infinitive ] She was just looking for an excuse to call him. 她只是找个借口给他打电话罢了。
Any excuse for a holiday! 只要能去度假,找任何借口都行!
make your excuses

to explain why you cannot be present somewhere

Please make my excuses at the meeting on Friday. 我不能参加周五的会议了,请代我致歉。
make excuses

to give false reasons why you cannot do something

You're always making excuses for not helping me. 你总是找种种借口不来帮我。

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