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executivenoun [ C ]

uk /ɪɡˈzek.jə.tɪv/ us /ɪɡˈzek.jə.t̬ɪv/

C1 informal exec, someone in a high position, especially in business, who makes decisions and puts them into action

She is now a senior executive, having worked her way up through the company. 她现在任高级行政主管,这是她在公司中一步一个脚印干出来的。
the executive

the part of a government that is responsible for making certain that laws and decisions are put into action


a group of people who run a business or an organization

The executive of the health workers' union accepted the proposed pay increase on behalf of their members. 卫生保健工作者工会执行委员会代表其会员接受了加薪的提议。

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executiveadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ɪɡˈzek.jə.tɪv/ us /ɪɡˈzek.jə.t̬ɪv/

C1 relating to making decisions and managing businesses, or suitable for people with important jobs in business

His executive skills will be very useful to the company. 他的管理技能对公司将会非常有用。
executive cars 豪华汽车
an executive suite 贵宾套房

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