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uk /ɪkˈspləʊd/ us /ɪkˈsploʊd/

explode verb (BREAK APART)

B1 [ I or T ] to break up into pieces violently, or to cause something to do this

A bomb exploded at one of the capital's busiest railway stations this morning. 今天上午一枚炸弹在伦敦最繁忙的一个火车站爆炸。
He was driving so fast that his car tyre exploded. 他车开得太快导致爆胎。

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explode verb (EMOTION)

[ I ] to react suddenly with a strong expression of emotion

[ + speech ] "What on earth do you think you're doing?" she exploded (= said angrily). “你到底知不知道你在干什么?”她大发雷霆。
The children exploded into giggles (= suddenly started laughing uncontrollably). 孩子们突然咯咯地笑起来。

explode verb (INCREASE)

[ I ] to increase very quickly

The population has exploded in the last ten years. 在过去10年中,人口激增。

explode verb (PROVE FALSE)

[ T ] to show something to be wrong

This book finally explodes some of the myths about the origin of the universe. 这本书最终推翻了一些关于宇宙起源的毫无根据的说法。

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